A fire safety risk assessment has been carried out with reference to ‘Practical Fire Safety Guidance For Small Premises Providing Sleeping Accommodation’ (Revised July 2010). This guidance document is applicable as the property Haskeir Cottage does not have a traditional hallway, which means the document ‘Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Small Bed and Breakfast and Self-Catering Premises is not applicable.

This summary sets out the main conclusions of the risk assessment. The complete fire risk assessment is available on request.




Identify people at risk


This self-catering property has a maximum stay of 28 days and a minimum stay of 5 days, for a maximum of 2 people. The property is not equipped or suitable for children. As it is an old property it has not been modified for disabled access, and the external door widths and corridor access are unsuitable for wheel chair access. This information is provided in a Statement of Access.



Identify fire hazards: Sources Of Ignition

Smoking is not allowed inside or outside the Property. Candles are not provided and are not allowed inside the property. The range oven has an LPG gas hob, which has flame failure devices. There are 2 LPG cylinders located outside the property. There is a fixed electrical flame effect convector heater on a fire place. In the kitchen area, there is an oil (domestic kerosene) boiler, which has a thermocouple cut-out to cut off the oil flow in the event of fire within the boiler. There is a washing machine and a condenser tumble dryer in a downstairs utility room. The tumble dryer is not subject to the Whirlpool recall issue. The iron has a safety auto-off function.


Identify fire hazards: Sources Of Fuel

Downstairs, the flooring is oak in the open plan kitchen, dining and lounge area, and tile in the utility room. The stairs are oak and the upstairs is laminate except in the bathroom which is vinyl. There are 2 polypropylene rugs downstairs. The walls and ceiling are plasterboard and in some limited places, the walls are covered with wood cladding. There are no curtains, only blinds.

Upholstered furniture complies with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988, as amended, and BS 5852 or BS EN 1021: Part 1. No aerosols containing flammables are provided at the property.


Evaluate the Consequence To People From A Fire Starting In The Building

The property is two stories with one staircase from the upstairs, which leads to a downstairs room and then to the exit, via a hallway. There is a utility room on one side of the hall way and the lounge, dining kitchen area on the other side of the hallway. People have to pass through a downstairs room (access room, that is not the kitchen or dining area) to reach the hallway.

The doors to the lounge/kitchen/dining area and the utility room are the most important barriers to prevent the spread of fire onto the exit route.


Means of escape

The means of escape has two fire doors separating it from the kitchen/dining/lounge area and the downstairs utility room. Both fire doors are 30 minute rated with a cam action medium duty fire door closer and intumescent strips with smoke seals installed in the frame. The travel distance from the bedroom upstairs includes travel through an access room at the bottom of the stairs (the snug) and is less than the 15 m maximum distance. From the access room the escape route continues into a short hall before the final exit. The 2 fire doors are located either side on the short hall. It would also be possible to exit through the kitchen/lounge/dining area. The upstairs storeroom door is a fire door.


Securing that the means of escape can be safely and effectively used

There are 6 emergency lights in total providing over 2 hours illumination in the event of a power failure, installed on the exit route and also in the lounge/dining area and in the kitchen area next to the other exit. To ensure exit from the premises is possible the both exit doors are equipped with thumb turn locks on the inside so that no key is required to open the doors.


Means for detecting fire and giving warning of fire

The property is equipped with 7 fire detectors and one carbon monoxide detector. These are all interlinked as they are RadioLink Ei Electronic detectors installed in May 2016. If one alarm sounds then as they are all interconnected then all the alarms will sound. They have a 10 year lifetime.


Means for fighting fires

Three fire extinguishers are provided and are located in the areas illuminated by the emergency lighting. The extinguishers are all 1 litre dry water mist type, which can be used safely on fires in the kitchen, including fat fires, computer equipment and other electrical fires, clothing, soft furnishing, petrol paper, gas flames wood.

A fire blanket is provided next to the cooker, and this can be used to smother a small fire involving oil or fat.


Fire Safety Information and Arrangements for action to be taken in event of fire

A safety notice at the property provides fire safety information and guidance on actions to be taken in the event of a fire or a carbon monoxide alarm warning.


Maintenance Of Fire Safety Measures

A schedule of tasks is in place to check and maintain the fire safety measures.